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Learn more about our suite of dental services tailored for you and your family

Chaska Dental's staff explaining dental hygiene to patient's child.
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Family Dentistry

Chaska Family Dental is passionate about everything our office provides our patients. We offer complete dental services for everyone in your family. From the youngest child to their grandparents, our services tailor to each individual family member and their specific oral needs.

From general dentistry to cosmetic and sedation services, we have a solution for each and every mouth. Our dental office performs cleanings, fills cavities, performs root canals, offers crowns, replaces missing teeth, corrects chipped or cracked teeth, and whitens smiles. We also offer periodontal procedures, which will help secure your bone to aid in the prevention and recovery of gum disease. Chaska Family Dental has all the services needed to protect every family member’s entire mouth.

We have created a place that can allow a child’s first dental visit to be a positive one. Children should see a dentist by the age of 3, and when they come to Chaska Family Dental, we give them personalized treatment; with shades, cartoons and a toy at the end of the visit. Our office is dedicated to teaching the future generation how important oral health is, not only for a great looking smile, but also to keep teeth healthy and clean. At the end of the session we can provide you tips to encourage your child’s interest in oral health, even after you leave our dentist office.

It’s important for you to set an example by maintaining your teeth. Always schedule a preventative cleaning every six months for both you and your children. We know life can get busy, which is why we send out emails and text messages to remind you when an appointment is suggested. By keeping up with your family’s oral hygiene, you can prevent costly procedures by providing us and yourself ample time to catch any issues while they are still minor.

For a smile you’ll be proud of for an entire life, contact Chaska Family Dental today at 952-234-7002!
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An example of Chaska Dental's cosmetic repair options
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Complete Cosmetic Dental Restorations

Chaska Family Dental offers multiple dental restoration services for Chaska, MN and the surrounding areas. Cosmetic dental services use the process of forming materials for the specific structural features needed for each person’s permanent oral solution. Cosmetic dentistry is suggested when there’s a need to recover function, integrity or to replace or restore any damaged teeth.

Our dental restoration services are unmatched, due to the experience of our Doctors and the latest technology we have invested in. Some services we offer are more common, like crowns and bridges – these fall under the ‘restorative dental’ category. But others are more complex cosmetic dental procedures, such as cosmetic dental bonding, dental implants, dentures, and porcelain dental veneers.

Quality Cosmetic Dental Care

Our Chaska Family Dental clinic only utilizes the finest techniques, highest quality materials, and cutting edge technology. With all of these aspects combined, we are able to completely and successfully reconstruct even the most severely damaged teeth. If caught in time, we can prevent tooth loss. And if a tooth is lost, we provide multiple services that can restore your smile! Our solutions are permanent and can consist of dental implants, bridges, and crowns.

Whether you’re needing to repair or restore impaired, decayed, dislodged, chipped, broken, cracked, or discolored teeth – Chaska Family Dental is your best choice for quality dentistry!

Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Dental Bridges: Dental Bridge work is recommended to fill the gap between one or more missing teeth. Like a literal bridge, this dental technique has two anchors, on either side, to help support the middle area – which is made up of false teeth or a tooth. Also known as a fixed partial denture, a bridge transforms missing teeth into artificial teeth. The process of reconstruction can be made from porcelain, gold, alloys or a combination of these materials.

There are 3 types of dental bridges:

Fixed Bridge – which is permanent and should only be removed properly by a dentist.
Removable Bridge – which gives you the option to take in and out as you please, mostly for cleaning purposes.
Implant Supported Bridge– which is a bridge attached to artificial teeth that are anchored to the jaw or below the gum tissue.
Dental Crowns: A crown is used to improve the strength and appearance of a tooth by covering and restoring it to its previous natural shape and size. This dental solution is placed over a tooth, then cemented securely to fully cover and protect it from further damages.

Some reasons for a dental crown:
  • Connect a Bridge
  • Act as a shield for a weak tooth
  • Support for a tooth with a large filling
  • Cover dislocated or badly formed tooth
  • Hide the appearance of a dental implant
Contact Chaska Family Dental today at 952-234-7002. We offer crowns and many other superior dental services that will leave you with a beautiful, fully toothed smile!
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Chaska Dental hygienist cleaning a patient's teeth
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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dental Visits

By choosing to take action before tooth pain starts, you can avoid oral issues before they even begin. Chaska Family Dental provides preventative hygiene and periodontal services. We will inspect your teeth and gums, clean them and ensure there are no possible issues going unnoticed. Our dental cleaning services will remove any possible built up tarter or plaque and perform digital x-rays, which will allow us to search for hidden decay and gum disease.

Oral Hygiene

It’s recommended by all dental experts to brush and floss your teeth daily; it’s also highly suggested that everyone receive a routine oral hygiene visit every six months. Our team of professionals can help you find a convenient time to bring in your family. But don’t forget to schedule a cleaning for yourself too! All of our cleaning services are pain-free and important for you and your family’s teeth to stay strong, clean, fresh, and healthy.

Periodontal Therapy

Chaska Family Dental offers periodontal therapy programs to help prevent and relieve gum disease (aka periodontal disease). Many people feel little to no pain associated with gum disease. Whether it causes discomfort or not, gum disease is common and is a serious disease - the sooner it’s stopped, the better. An early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. Periodontal disease can be easily controlled, slowed and even stopped; it all depends on how well you care for your teeth and when the disease is caught. The results from this disease can damage the soft tissue and bone that the teeth are being supported by. If the disease gets bad enough, it could mean losing teeth.

Contact Chaska Family Dental today at 952-234-7002, to schedule an appointment with our friendly staff members that have your oral health in mind!
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A registered dental assistant using nitrous oxide (also known as laugh gas) to comfort and prepare a child for their dental procedure
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Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety-Free Dentist Visits

If you would rather endure the pain of a toothache than go to the dentist, sedation dentistry is most likely for you. Unfortunately, fear of the dentist leads to oral neglect and any issues you’re having will continue to get worse, leading to more extensive dental work. Even missing preventative checkups can lead to more issues, which is why Chaska Family Dental has come up with and perfected multiple solutions for people of all ages who feel anxiety and dread towards visiting the dentist.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help:

  • Relax those who fear dental treatments
  • Ease stress for those who’ve experienced past traumatic dental experiences
  • Provide assurance for patients who have trouble getting numb
  • Desensitize anyone with sensitive teeth
Don’t let your fears of the dentist extend your problems. If you neglect your teeth, they will disappear. Chaska Family Dental offers sedation dentistry so that your oral problems can soon be in the past. Don’t have unperformed dental services hinder your smile. We can offer you different options depending on your exact dental and personal needs.

Our dental office offers FREE sedation consults. Call us and we can provide you with more information or answer any questions. When discussing or considering sedation dentistry it’s vitally important that you disclose any and all medications, any known allergies, and the reactions you’ve experienced. With the correct information provided to us, we can let you know if you are a candidate for one or all of our sedation dental services.

Sedation Dentistry – Is it right for you?

Chaska Family Dental wants you to experience a positive dental visit, regardless if it’s just a cleaning or when oral treatment has to be completed. Our clinic has invested in the latest technology and our doctors have the required certifications, in addition to many years of experience; which allows us to provide safe and effective alternative treatments that relieve the nervousness and anxiety related to your specific dental appointment.

Our dental clinic offers multiple ways to allow you to relax. From deep and immediate sedation to minimal sedation – we offer two basic sedation levels that can be used with 14 different procedures.

Our Two Methods of Sedation

Inhalation Conscious Sedation: This form is the most common type of sedation, also known as “laughing gas”. Our dentists place a mask over your nose that releases a controlled amount of Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation. Breathing in this gas will allow you to relax. You’re able to breathe on your own and some might drift off to sleep. This form of sedation has been used by dentists for many years and the effects wear off quickly, which allows you to be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.
Enteral Conscious Sedation: This sedation method is given orally and requires only needing to consume a pill before your dental appointment. Body functions are normal, you’ll become drowsy, maybe drift off to sleep but it is possible to still be awake. Because this is administered prior to the dental work being started and it’s in a pill form, this method delivers a different level of sedation for each patient and is not as predictable as other forms.

For more information about our sedation methods, or to schedule your appointment, call Chaska Family Dental today at 952-234-7002; relax while we do all the work!
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An image of dental veneers
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Dental Veneers

Transforming Chaska, MN Smiles

Have you ever noticed that movie stars have spectacular teeth? Maybe you’ve notice that they’ve changed dramatically from nothing special to complete perfection? Chaska Family Dental knows what’s behind the celebrity oral secrets – Dental Veneers! And our expert dental clinic provides exceptional dental veneer services, which you don’t need to be a celebrity to afford. Veneers will correct any unsightly discoloration, stains or teeth that have been chipped, cracked, are misaligned, have visible metal fillings, or an unwanted gap.

Porcelain Veneers, Dental Laminates, or Lumineers

Dental veneers, also known as dental porcelain laminates, are created from thin, tooth colored porcelain and are custom made to fit and completely cover the front surface of teeth. Their design allows for a complete smile alteration in color, shape, size and/or length. Chaska Family Dental’s experience and the technology we use allows us to provide the most natural looking veneers. If you’re ready to change or perfect the look of your smile, Chaska Family Dental offers a comprehensive exam that will consist of creating a cosmetic plan to guarantee you see the results you desire. The dental veneers we offer are long lasting, stain resistant, and the process requires only two visits until total completion. You will actually be leaving your first appointment with a set of temporary veneers, while we custom craft your final veneers at our lab. Our office has a couple veneer choices, one of the most popular veneers we offer are Lumineers, they can be reversed and require no tooth reduction, unlike other veneer options. Also, when you speak to our knowledgeable staff, let them know what you desire and ask for a diagnostic wax up, or request information about our advance digital imaging process, which can actually show you what you would look like with your new veneers. You are your own personal designer when it comes to your custom created veneers. We have the ability to craft your new smile into anything you like. From whatever shape, color and style – you get to choose every aspect of your new image. Caring for your dental veneers is no different from the care recommended for your natural teeth. Daily brushing, flossing and the regular preventative dental checkup twice a year is all that’s needed. Other than the regular routine, it might be a good idea to consider purchasing in a night-guard, to protect your flawless smile by eliminating the possibility of grinding your teeth.

Aurum’s Cristal ® Veneers

Chaska Family Dental provides Aurum’s Cristal ® Veneers that gives patients a way to permanently whiten and improve their smile. This type of veneer requires minimal tooth reduction and provides exceptionally striking results. For a gentle, yet realistic smile transformation, ask us about our new veneer option.

Get your Perfect Smile with Aurum’s Cristal ® veneers!
Veneers can correct:
  • Narrow Smile
  • Small Teeth
  • Damaged Teeth
  • Aged Teeth
  • Gaps
  • Small Misalignments
Call Chaska Family Dental today at 952-234-7002 for answers to any questions or to set up an appointment and get the smile you’ve always wanted!
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a dentist whitening a patient's teeth
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Teeth Whitening

Anxiety-Free Dentist Visits

The color of your teeth is a big factor in how your smile looks. Chaska Family Dental offers multiple, effective teeth whitening services. If you’re noticing your smile doesn’t have quite the sparkle it used to, we can help! If brushing twice a day, flossing, and keeping up with your recommended cleaning just doesn’t give you that pearly white look you desire, our office can help you brighten your smile in as little as one session.

Your Best Whitening Solution

Our whitening services can successfully remove many unsightly issues, such as yellow, brown, or orange shades. Whether they developed from drinking coffee or tea daily, from smoking, or just from aging, you will see dramatic results. Our dentist can help you choose the solution that will provide you with the best whiting results specifically designed for your teeth. Past dental work is a factor that needs to be considered when choosing a whitening process. If there are tooth-colored fillings or crowns in visible areas, a whitener will not change the shade and the areas will stand out. But there’s no need to get discouraged because our Chaska, MN dental office can provide you with other solutions, such as porcelain veneers.

Professional Whitening Options at Chaska Family Dental

Chair-Side Bleaching
If you’re looking for immediate teeth whitening results in one session – professional bleaching is your best choice. With about 90 minutes of your time, Chaska Family Dental can provide you with a dramatically whiter smile, pain-free, no sedation needed - and this process is completely safe! The only minor side effects that may happen are sensitivity or some soft tissue irritation, if this concerns you, discuss it with your doctor. Our chair-side bleaching process is pretty straight forward. You come to our office, relax in a chair, and our staff applies a protective gel over your gums, which will prevent direct contact of the bleach with your oral soft tissue. Then, a bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, in steps, until your desired results are achieved. Our services also offer a custom fit to your mouth trays, to enhance the effects.

At-Home Whitening System
If you don’t have 90 minutes but would still like professional whitening results, you can opt to take our custom created, fit to your mouth trays home and whiten while you sleep. We recommend that you apply our professional- grade whitening gel every night, for a week to two. The results of your nightly routine will show in just a couple of days and once your treatment has ended, you’ll be overly satisfied with the outcome.

A show-stopping smile is just a call away, contact Chaska Family Dental today at 952-234-7002!
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A model of the lower jaw showing the design and function of dental implants
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Dental Implants

If you’re in need of a solution for your missing tooth or missing teeth, dental implants may be a great solution. Chaska Family Dental offers dental implants that can provide your mouth with a strong foundation. We offer permanent or a removable options to replace missing teeth. This dental service is an alternative to bridges, partials, and full dentures, if you’re a candidate.

Natural Looking & Feeling Dental Implants

Our technology allows for the most natural results in regard to appearance and actual function. Chaska Family Dental offers implants that look and feel like your natural teeth. All of our implants are custom fit to your mouth and securely rooted. No more uncomfortable dentures that don’t stay secure, no more slurred speech, the mess of getting them to stay, or the embarrassment of being caught without your teeth in.

Care for your dental implants is just like caring for the rest of your natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, regular dental cleanings, and preventative appointments twice yearly is recommended. A great positive about dental implants is that the surrounding teeth will not be affected by any means. There’s no need to reduce other teeth, like other procedures require. Access is easy because no teeth are covered up, so maintaining the rest of your natural teeth and overall oral health is just like before, just maybe with a little more diligent routine than previously.

Dental Implant Process

Chaska Family Dental’s first step in the process of dental implants is a thorough evaluation. After determining you have adequate bone structure and discussing the ins and outs of living with dental implants, our process can begin.

1) Oral surgery is the first step. This process will consist of implanting a titanium post into the jawbone for each missing tooth or for the complete new set of teeth that will anchor a bridge or denture. Doing this will create a solid foundation because your jawbone will then fuse to with the titanium post.

2) After the implants are secure, then a permanent, handcrafted crown will be attached to each crown post. All of these additions will look like natural teeth and seamlessly blend in with your smile. They will also be as secure as a healthy, natural set of teeth, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.

Dental implants allow restored function, improved speech, less diet restrictions, and will give you the strong, new smile you’ve always envisioned. Call Chaska Family Dental at 952-234-7002 for a permanent solution and added confidence!
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A Chaska dental staff member showing a patient how a tooth restoration procedure works
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Restorative Dentistry

Bring you smile back to its original state or go beyond that and correct any and every flaw; Chaska Family Dental offers many restorative treatments for the Chaska, MN area. Regardless of the reason and extent of your desired corrections, we can provide the highest quality results. When restoring, or reconstructing teeth, it’s vitally important that the results look and feel natural. Our dental office has the experience and technology that go hand-in-hand to produce unmatched end results.

Technology and Experience

Chaska Family Dental utilizes CEREC technology, which allows us to custom mill porcelain crowns and other types of reconstruction without metal or any unnatural appearing materials. Our office also focuses on our dentist’s highly capable abilities, which have been master by years of experience, required and continuing certifications.

Crowns & Bridges

Return attraction to damaged, brittle teeth with a crown or bridge. These custom-fit dental solutions restore structure, look and strength to teeth. Chaska Family Dental’s advanced CEREC technology allows us to mill a custom fit, exact porcelain crown in our office that is a complete color match to your natural teeth.

Whether it’s a row of missing teeth or just a single tooth, a crown and bridge is a great dental solution. Our skilled dental staff can tailor a perfect resolution to exact needs. Don’t let yourself go on any longer with a painful, damaged, or noticeable missing tooth. We offer seamless answers.


If your smile needs some reconstructing, dentures may be a great solution. Chaska Family Dental offers full or partial sets of false teeth that fit securely and comfortably. Our office can also offer the most natural looking and working dentures, to take years off your smile and improve the way you feel about yourself.


Or dentist clinic offers only the highest quality composite resin that fills in cavities for long-lasting protection and strength. This filling material is safer than the alternative silver or amalgam filing options and outperforms them both.

Our composite resin fillings contain no metal, which allows us to exactly match the color of your teeth, you might forget where your fillings are, and, of course, others won’t be able to notice any fillings as opposed to the standard silver options that are the opposite of the natural tooth color. Our advanced filling material also prevents breakage and protects against cold and hot temperatures.

The composite fillings we offer our patients last seven to ten years, which is as long as the traditional, older style fillings last. And if desired, we are more than happy to replace those old, noticeable silver fillings with our natural colored composite material. The difference is dramatic, even in back molars.

With our advanced composite fillings, some may experience a temporary and mild sensitivity. Chaska Family Dental also offers a clear plastic sealant that can coat your new fillings to prevent discoloration due to coffee, tea, other drinks, or habits that may lead to discoloration.

Implant Restoration

If you’re searching for an effective procedure that can replace one or many missing teeth, dental implants may be just what your smile needs. Placing the implants involves multiple steps; first an oral surgery procedure will be completed to attach a titanium screw to the jawbone to act as the anchor. Then, after a few months, the body heals and fuses the bone with the titanium post making it secure and ready for the next step. The final process is linking the artificial tooth or teeth to the anchor. The results are outstanding and can improve the strength of the jaw dramatically.

Inlays & Onlays

If your tooth needs repair that’s too big for a resin filling, a porcelain inlay or onlay may be your answer. Chaska Family Dental provides quality creation using our CEREC system in just one appointment. The services can be completed in one day and the results are permanent.

Inlays – are located in the lower section of a tooth’s surface
Onlays – are used to restore the raised section of a tooth

Root Canals

A root canal is performed when a tooth is infected or severely decayed. Often times, if you are feeling tooth pain, this may be the procedure that will cure you of all your discomfort. If the pulp of a tooth becomes rotten, it needs to be extracted to prevent further spread of the infection and eliminate the pain experienced because of it. Once the tissue is successfully and completely removed, the area is sealed off. Sometimes, if the root canal is complex enough, we may refer you to a qualified endodontist for full completion.

Tooth Extractions

There are multiple reasons that a tooth needs to be removed - anything from baby teeth to wisdom teeth. Chaska Family Dental provides complete removal services. Teeth that are badly damaged may need to be removed so the risk doesn’t spread to surrounding teeth and the jaw. Other removal processes may be because of orthodontic corrections, other complications, or a variety of other reasons.

It is important to not only focus on the needed removal of the tooth but also what that removal will do to the existing teeth. Chewing problems or jaw functions can be caused by an ill prepared and planned tooth extraction. Chaska Family Dental will always advise you of recommendations that can eliminate the chances of issues occurring.

Contact Chaska Family Dental today at 952-234-7002, we have the perfect fit for a brilliant smile!
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